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PeeJay51 said on 04 December 2011

This is very interesting and all very well but ... what can you do when the GP and local Adult Mental Health specialist decide that what they see is 'no more than they would expect' from a person of a certain age despite that so not being the case. Had they spoken with the person concerned instead of me they would have seen it! Paramedics, community nurses, hospital doctors and nurses, OTs, Social workers and his daily carers all note on his respective records that my father suffers from dementia but the GP hasn't officially diagnosed it or had it confirmed as being so when it is so obvious. It's probably too late to give him any help now as it's been denied, by those that could have helped, for so long. It makes me angry as my mother died having tried to make so many different people understand and all that happened was they put her on Prozac so that she could handle my Dad better rather than doing something to help Dad which would have helped her along the way. Yes, I'm angry as the 'system' let my parents down big time for many years and has continued to let my Dad down. He is currently in hospital, very confused, nutritionally malnourished (we can't get him to eat properly), is anaemic and has a UTI which wasn't treated the first time he was in hospital so he ended up back there within 4 days of discharge. Encourage him to visit his GP? Been there done that and got no result!