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angelglory said on 24 November 2011

I went to see my neurologist who told me I needed antidepressants becuase of side effects of the tablets I take for epilepsy. He said I needed a specific one and that my GP would have to prescribe it. I went back to my GP and he put me on a different antidepressant, he said he hadn't received the letter, I was ill for 2 months because of this, at my next appointment on the advice of the Epilepsy Nurse I took a copy of the letter from the neurologist stating the drug I needed, he said just because the neurologist said it was the right one didn't mean it was and he refused to give it to me. I discovered that the one I was supposed to be on was very expensive compared to the 2 he tr ied which both made me really ill. I have now changed GP surgery and the doctor there didn't quibble at all about prescribing the drug. The surgery I was at lost 5 doctors in one go, they all left at the same time and we never found out why, I found this very suspicious and a bad omen, it was bad before then it got worse, I am just glad I have changed to one that treats me with respect well at least so far, I have only had 1 appointment but already I have been told that I should have been having regular blood tests for a drug I've been on for 2 years, nobody mentioned it.