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tess256 said on 18 November 2011

I had this virus very bad. I started vomiting on a Monday afternoon this lasted off and on for about 6 hours. I didnt have much diarrhoea luckily. I thought this would be the worst of it but I was very wrong! I had agonizing stomach cramps, constant nausea 24/7, Fever, Swollen stomach, Aches and pains. I drank water only for the first 24hrs. On Wednesday I rang the Doctor who said it it was probably Gastroenteritis and that I should start to feel better soon. By Thursday i was still no better and had not been out of bed since Monday, Everytime i moved i wanted to throw up, I had constant acid indigestion that no amount of gaviscon would touch. I couldnt even walk in a straight line. By this point i was so fed up i got an emergency app with a doctor, I burst into tears when i saw him which is not me at all. He tested my urine which was fine, no dehydration, he prescribed me some anti sickness pills called 'Omeprazole', they didnt work straight away but by Friday i was able to get out of bed and felt like a new person. No one could of prepared me for the amount of acid indigestion i had during this time it lasted 24/7 .