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shazx63 said on 03 November 2011

omg!....As a fairly recent diagnosed type 2 diabetic...Im even more confused after watching the show then reading some of the comments on here contradicting some of the things on TV! I was told that even as a Type 2 that once you got it there is no Cure 4 it only Management of the condition. Also when I mention to the nurse that Im so tired ll the time & I do get shakey & bit 'drifty' when Iv not eaten..She seems to scratch her head & wonder why as Im only bordermine type 2 diabetic...I feel a bit of a fake @ times but I do feel these things! :0( Does anyone know of where I can get a diabetic menu planner from please as Im getting to grips roughly on what I should be eating but not being able to put a days menu together due to knowing what daily amounts of what are required as the dietition wasnt much help :0( I am so confused with it all! :0(