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jojostevo said on 19 October 2011

Hanabanana85 - thank you so much for your posting. I am a 32 year old mum of 3 young children and my situation almost mirrors yours! I too was born with hip displasia in my left hip which was not caught at birth but when I was 14mths old. I had surgery on my pelvis in 1998 to build me a better socket, and have now been offered a hip replacement as I been diagnosed with arthritis and my pain is unbearable at the moment. I was taking time out to think about this surgery as I have to take my children into consideration but from reading your post I think I'm going to contact my consultant sooner rather than later! Please could I ask what type of hip they have used? They have said they would use the best possible hip to get me the most out of it so this is a relief to me!