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redmerlin said on 06 October 2011

Just my opinion. My Mother died from Flu. Very suddenly, very quickly Christmas Eve 1978. I remember the Hong Kong , Russian flu epidemics. We have had nothing like those since and going back even further the Spanish Flu epidemic that killed between 50 - 100 millions world wide after the first world war. Interestingly the Russian Flu outbreak in 1977 affected mostly children and young people. The adults of that time had already been exposed to the similar virus that caused flu epidemics in 1947 - 1957 so they were immune. Most young to middle aged people do not die from flu unless they have an underlying health problem (There may not be an awareness of this) It makes sense if you are at risk to get the vaccination. For normal healthy people it is OK to catch flu or any other virus that is doing the rounds. it is a rather unpleasant way to become immunised but it is free! My view on getting colds or flu is pragmatic. There are over 200 viruses out there that cause colds and flu. Every time you become ill with one of these you can strike THAT virus off your list. In effect you are becoming immune to at least 100 and you wont get THAT wretched cold again! However tiny babies and the elderly should be protected for obvious reasons for in 70 or so years of life you are probably not going to get all 200+ viruses and immunisation helps prevent needless death and to some extent spread of the worst bugs. To those who say the jab gave them flu that has never gone away I suggest it may be due to other viruses. If a person has low resistance they will be an easy target for all viruses and bacteria. be sensible get yourself checked out if you are constantly showing flu like symptoms.( Flu symptoms are NOT like a bad cold...with bad flu there is no way you can go about normal daily routine!)