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sammy1210 said on 01 October 2011

I am 29 years old and have suffered from chronic lower back pain for 5 years now. I have been lucky with my treatment on the NHS - the only problem is sometimes its too long between scan to consoltation to treatment. I have had several epidurals, nerve blocks and other procedures with mixed results. I have also been offered an opp but declined as was feeling strong at the time only to suffer 2 weeks after consoltation with spinal spec to then become cripple again and then wait another 6 monhs to see him again!! The hardest part for me to live with is my true ambitions in life have been severly compromised because of my back condition. I am a experienced horsewoman who could have gone far but have had to change career because of my back. If on holiday, i can no longer ski (just incase i fall), can no longer ride a bike or walk my dogs for miles! Sometimes the pain is managable and i think '' i can do this, i have to learn to live and adapt with this condition'' but then i have a bad day, when for no reason the pain is unbearable. There is no movement in my spine, im hunched over like a 90 yr old and i can no longer walk without help. Tasks like washing, dressing - going to the toilet suddenly become the most difficult things. I have also suffered from Drs telling me i was too young to be suffering so i was told to change my job and rest - this went on for 2 yrs!! All i could ever want is my 29 yr old body back, to be mobile, pain free and to do the jobs and hobbies that i want to do. I want my LIFE back!!! Heres to all the people crippled with back pain - you will only understand what we go through daily if you have lived with it - Good luck everyone!!