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denw said on 14 September 2011

My husband had a hip replacement 12 years ago at the age of 26. 2 years ago he started to again get pain and lack of movement, which has got increasingly and progressively worse this past year. In Nov 2010 we got an appointment with his consultant who, after doing various tests and scans, agreed that he needed a hip revision. In february we were told that he was on the waiting list with a view to having the op in june. In may we were told that the op was cancelled due to "lack of funds". After much passing of the buck we were told that he would be put back on the list in the same place when the new funds came through. This did not happen and we were basically told that "he had fell through the net". We eventually were called to a pointless consultation with the consultant -a waste of time and money for all concerened -to be told that "yes, you still need the op" - Really? what a surprise. Now we were told he would be at the top of the september list - fine we thought. 4 weeks ago he had his pre-op, fantastic. But when we informed the waiting list people we were told that there were now more people suddenly ahead of us on the list - the same list which 2 wks before we were at the top of! They now say he MIGHT have the op in the middle of oct _ MIGHT , nothing is in writing. How ill does he have to be to get this op? My previously fit and healthy husband is now in constant, crippling pain, only able to hobble around like a 90 year old, not able to sit or stand for more than a few minutes, feeling more depressed and defeated with no end in sight- the best of it is he works for the NHS!! More patient respect needed.