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donola said on 07 September 2011

I would like to just tadd more to my previous post and detail of my experience: I am from Salisbury , wiltshire. Which is where i do all my walking. I was recently diagnosed with Lyme disease, with the symptons of a bull-ring rash and a sore foot . The sore foot, I had had for about 4 months ( i know this , because i thought it was a sporting injury which hampered my running). About 2 months later i was Biten badly over night in MANY places by an insect while in my bed. One of the bites became quite sore and did not disappear , around this bite developed my classic bull ring rash(7 inch diameter). When i went to my doctors after about six weeks of the start of the rash, I told the doctor of my two ailments, and after later reading, realise I was lucky, to have such an astute examiner. Was blood tested, proscribed doxcycycline, and 3 days later my rash was disappearing and my 6 month foot injury had completely gone. My question is, what triggered the rash , when I know that was a secondary bite ? I had obviously been affected atleast 2 months prior to that bite,.... Or is it, that that was actually my secondary infection, and that other blood sucking insects carry Lyme in smaller dosages.aswell. ...... ands that what made me react to a Non Tic- bite. ( which is undoubtly and unquestionbly the case, that it wasn't a Tic).