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User587261 said on 26 August 2011

Obesity is a real problem in the UK and the world and it needs to be tackled. There has been many stories about the way to tackle obesity but the main story which has been all over the net is about gastric band hypnotherapy tackling obesity. According to a leading UK Gastric Band Hypnotherapy expert called Claire Hegarty, hypnotherapy will tackle obesity by making the person believe they have a gastric band fitted. The expert explained that by using hypnotherapy to lose weight it will allow the person to become full more quickly and to stop them from snaking. At the moment the NHS are using gastric band surgery but this is only limited as many thousands of people each week are being turned down for the operation due to the strict guidelines that are in place by the NHS. Claire Hegarty has said that if the NHS used gastric band hypnotherapy then they would be able to treat many more people for the amount they are paying for each operation. If we are to tackle obesity then we need to act now and put a stop to it and according to a number of experts, gastric band hypnotherapy is the solution. So if this is the solution then why are the NHS not hurrying up and using it to tackle the problems. Some sections of the NHS are currently looking at using hypnotherapy for weight loss. Obesity needs to be tackled and it needs to be done now