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val2 said on 19 August 2011

My mother is 86 and was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in 1997. She has been cared for by my 94 year old father with minimal input. For the last year my mother has been incontinent of faeces, which despite carers going into the home 3 times a day has been completely unmanageable, the house becoming smeared with faeces on the regular basis. Last October she has a very bad fall which required hospitalisation. She had a scan and they found a 'cyst' on her ovary which they ignored and sent her home. Two months ago my mother developed severe acites and nausea and the GP was called, she did a blood test which she felt confirmed ovarian cancer and had my mother admitted to hospital. After two weeks the hospital still refused to confirm the diagnosis (they lost one sample of fluid and had to repeat the test). It was then confirmed that she had carcinoma with a prognosis of approximately 3 months. The hospital now want to discharge her home. My mother is completely disorientated but keeps repeating she wants to go home like a mantra. I was told today by the hospital SHO - who started in the job yesterday - that he thinks she has cognition and therefore if she wants to go home she should, besides which they need the bed. He stressed that the 'law' was on his side. No mention has been made of a care package at home. The 'home' is completely unsuitable having narrow stairs which she cannot negotiate, and no downstairs washing facility. If her bed were to be moved downstairs it would be next to the kitchen which given her incontinence (doubly incontinent since admission to hospital) would be a health hazard. My father is very frail and only just able to care for himself let alone my mother but I was informed that his needs did not concern them. I feel that for the last 3 months of her life she should have a comfortable caring environment that can meet her needs ie a hospice or nursing home and not just be dumped back into an unsuitable environment.