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jademilky said on 11 August 2011

oh my goodness angie you sound like me. got diagnosed 8 years ago, even had to spend a night in hospital to finally get treated seriously. Went on prozac as I also have panic attacks and anxiety and it went. Now years later I had a breakdown 4 weeks ago and gone on Escitalopram (after being on clomipramine, it made me fat so had to come off it) and I am still a little anxious but massively improved to how I was 4 weeks ago but every single day I have had diarrhoea and stomach cramps. I am veggie and we always joke how windy I am but it has just clicked today. My sample results of poo (yuck) came back clear so it must be the ibs playing up, brought on by my most recent anxiety/depression. I am too scared to take colofac just incase it makes me ill which is silly as I am curled up in a ball now in pain as I type this. Maybe anxious people are more prone to this? doc has told me to take kaolin solution for the diarrhoea but it isn't efffective and I am losing sooooo much weight. I won't go to hospital for tests as am just too anxious to go the 10 miles away from home as I have agoraphobic tendencies. I am my own worst enemy i know, but find there isn't much help for ibs sufferers esp if we have anxiety as they think we are neurotic lol.