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silveriver said on 08 August 2011

Spritey this is a misconception. Bio identical progesterone (as opposed to artificial/synthetic progesteron) is available for HRT on the NHS. The problem here is that Gps are very ignorant in these women's matters. My (female) gp hadn't even heard of the term "bio identical" and learned it from me showing her a magazine. I suspect all gps will give you the same answer. it is a dire state of affairs when you get more information from women's magazines and internet chats than your doctor. The only doctor knowledgeable about bioidentical hormones in the Uk is the menopause expert , founder of the journal "the climacteric" Nick Panay in london. He has recently written a medical article entitled "Bio identicals: why the hype?" however to read his conclusions you have to subscribe. ask your gp about it. It is your responsibility to push for complete info regarding your health inho.Noone but you will really care. in his book "what your doctor don't tell you about the pre-menopause" Dr John Lee recommends taking bioidentical progesterone in low doses through the skin. So administration and dosages are still experimental. But we should still be given the option to try it