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anne53 said on 07 August 2011

Just recovering from a bout of Norovirus. Had been to Paris for a long weekend last week with 3 others. First victim felt ill on the plane home and vomited all the way back in the car. I started the day after with the projectile vomitting and diarrhoea.Also had muscle pain, headache and extreme fatigue (slept all the way to Holland on the ferry). Forced myself to eat crackers and gradually the diarrhoea has gone. My cousin (victim 3), started with diarrhoea on friday. She took Gaviscon tablets to stop nausea. They seemed to help. Her husband, who wasn't on the trip, got it too but she had to call the doctor for him this morning. He was given an injection for the nausea because he uses an immunosuppressant for lung fibrosis. Worst week ever!!