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Seviyorumcok said on 31 May 2011

I cmpletely shattered my right heel back in 2003 when I had an accident and fell 30 feet, I had an operation and had screws placed into my foot, however the swelling at the beginning looked like at some points it was going to go down, but as the years have gone on the swelling in my ankle has got really bad! I have never had any time whereas I completely got rid of the swelling. The more I walk the worst the swelling gets. My foot is very painful in several areas in my right foot. The reason why I have come on this site today is because I have just slipped in my kitchen and the swelling is that bad it looks like it is going to pop as the swelling is so tight! Is this swelling called Oedema? I would appreciate your feedback, I am a 57 year old lady.- Thank you.