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soleil said on 19 April 2011

I was diagnosed with glandular in the last stages of my GCSE's (which is about 17 years ago now) I had a temperature of 104, was confined to bed, sweated a lot (the sheets were soaking). I had white ulcer / sores on the inside of my mouth, down my throat and swollen glands. Had to have blood tests and be reguarly examined by the Dr at home, in bed (as unable to go anywhere) He checked things like my temperature and the swollen glands in my throat, under arms and groin. I lost quite a bit of weight. I was told not to have any stress, but the school didn't seem to care about this, continuously calling to get me to attend my exams, threatening that I would have to repeat if I did not show up. I couldn't even walk down stairs from my bedroom, but as a result I ended up making my parents drive me to school and sitting the exams in pain and with an elevated temperature. Unfortunately, I did not manage to achieve the grades that had been predicted before I contracted the illness. I remember my dad was quite disappointed that I had not achieved my full potential. I was still ill in bed when I got the results.Glandular fever stayed with me for 9 months, I had been told that there were 2 types a less serious version lasting a few weeks and a more serious version which I had. I remember after months, when I should have been better attempting to go for a walk with my dad, within a few minutes I just couldn't continue and he had to carry me back home. My mum says that I've never been the same since I had the illness. I would say that that it had quite a negative impact on my later education, career prospects and life in general. I was expected to go to university before I had the illness, but instead this never happened. What I aslo find concerning is that I have heard there is an apparent link between Glandular fever (epstein barr virus) and developing MS.