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emma23 said on 06 April 2011

ive just been reading through all of this and am so relieved its not just me who is suffering this i first started with it 14 months ago when i had my son and at first it was just a minor irritation but now its full blown agony i feel so guilty on my kids coz most days im just in to much pain to do anything with them and they don't understand been back and forth to the doctors about 10 times just recently i started seeing a new doctor and she has described me anti depressents yes ur reading this right anti depressents 4 my leg because supposedly they have something in them that can help with joint pain she started me on 10mg and has boosted me upto 25mg last week they do nothing 4 the pain whatsoever just make me sleep im so so sick of being fobed off now im in total agony takes me ten min to get out of bed in the morning and im constantly limping am getting to that point now of just wanting to chop my leg off seriously need to get it sorted