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Autonomy said on 31 March 2011

I am a big believer and follower of policies and promises from the Secretary of State for Health. The NHS Constitution would be fantastic if it were followed. My own experience of treatment/surgery was awful. I complained and the complaint got completely out of hand. I truly cannot believe that this situation was allowed to occur. I agreed to a second elective surgery which went wrong, when I agreed to have it repeated a week later and was discharged, I tried to contact the surgeon and booking coordinator etc. I even attended the hospital in question the day before my third surgery was due to take place to try to gain information as I had not received a admissions letter for what is classed as fairly major surgery. I was only told that surgery was still taking place and that I should show up the next morning and that I could still take pain relief. This information was all relayed to myself and a friend by a receptionist/clerk. I was so stressed out I contacted PALS during the night via email. After my surgery which was very painful, I phoned PALS from the ward to see if they had received the email and they stated they had not. It was not good to hear the surgeon ask another healthcare professional "What can we do to prevent this from happening again" the morning after the third surgery while I was still in the room. The question was not answered by the other person, I think they realised their mistake. I complained, this was not treated seriously, I asked PALS to transfer/enquire about moving my treatment to another trust which one of the consultants said was possible and he would be happy to forward my case load on to another consultant. Yet they did not do this. I am truly shocked and disgusted at this lack of communication and think that the NHS should be ashamed of themselves. I really feel violated. Rights, what rights????