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little wong said on 28 March 2011

hi i had my implant put in on the 5th of march 2009. i had no problems when i first got it in for the first year then after a year when i got into a relationship i started feeling emotional and kept having mood swings but not to bad. in the end my and my partener at the time split up and i had a couple of other boyfriends after that but nothing serious, i had sex with someone and i started bleeding really bad during sex. i went to the clinic and the told me to do a test incase i had a STI but it came back clear. after that i got with my new partner and the second time we had sex i started bleeding again only for about 5 mins though. we have been together just over 6 months now and moved in together but i seem to be having really bad mood swings lately for nothing and getting all emotional, i have had it in just over 2 years and since 24th december i have been bleeding every couple of weeks and keep getting water infections, i went to my clinic to see if i could get it took out but they kept refusing to take it out dont know why it's my choice but then i went back and asked again and wasnt as nice to them like i was the past couple of times and they said they would take it out but i had to get swob tests took and stuff before they could take it out because of the bleeding they think i have a STI but i am really scared to go and i have put it off for a couple of months, i really want to know why i have started bleeding all of a sudden and how long will it take to fall pregnant after i get it took out, after reading most of these comments i have been getting pains shooting through my arm :/ does anyone know if the bleeding is normal or do i have an STI?