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User534488 said on 03 March 2011

Parents Beware! my little one aged 3 1/2 contacted swine flu, last january 2011/ december 2010. Presented with similar flu symptoms, cough, colds then the high temperature. brought him to GP surgery week after week as his condition worsen, he was diagnosed as having tonsilitis treated with antibiotics, more than 2 weeks on, brought him back again to his sugery - this time seen by a nurse practitioner, being a nurse myself i know something is terribly wrong with my child, i told her i think we need to do a swab for him. She said " oh no, i'm pretty sure its just tonsilitis lets give him another antibiotics" went home and 2 days later he developed diarrhoea and vomitting, phone them back to say these because i said i think this d and v is just a coincidence because he's never had d and v with antibiotic before, brought him back again and see a doctor this time and i insisted that he shoulde be swabbed ! he refused to do so for the reason that i'm pretty sure its tonsilitis because his tonsils were really swollen and most of the time we only give antibiotics to pacify patients/relatives (the nerve of that doctor !), 2 days later, we took him to hospital, they took bloods(which indicate viral infection), x-ray w/c is normal and they are again sending us home with paracetamol and advise to give him plenty of fluids ..... the poor child could barely stand as he was really weak....... then i practically beg the doctor to please swab him as i really think he's got swine flu, luckily she listened to me and it was positive so he was admitted in the hospital, it was heartbreaking to see your child go through all this just because health practitioners were incompetent! My advice is that trust your instinct, i know they say that probably 70-80% of people walking in the street could possibly be positive for swine flu but they should review these so called " compromised/vulnerable groups" because i think children should be included in these group.