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Angpuss said on 18 February 2011

For 2 years now I have been plagued with chronic debilitating lower back pain. An MRI of the area has been done and reveals some accelerated degeneration of the joints but not sufficient to really explain the level of pain I am experiencing. Recently I have begun to have episodes where my lower body becomes numb and my legs give out. On occasion this leads to loss of bladder control. I have been passed from one specialist to another with no definative answers. I rely on pain medication to get through my days and am developinig a tolerance. Yet that is the only thing which seems to provide any relief from my constant pain. The orthopaedic consultants won't deal with me because they can't see any need for surgery. I have been undergoing continious physiotherapy which is clearly not resolving my problem. I have undergone facet joint injections and epidurals which have had no effect. I wait months between each test and result and the scope of investigation seems ridiculously narrow. Specialists are only looking at the place where I feel pain rather than at the overall picture for problems. It seems that because I don't fit into their boxes they want to wash their hands of me. No one wants to take responsibility for finding answers and treating my problem. I have had to be signed off work for several months now because I am a fall risk and cannot travel safely on my own to work. I have been financially devastated. My GP treats me like an adict for needing pain medication and seems to pass moral judgement on my developing tolerance levels but my instructions for perscriptions come directly from the pain clinic I am working with and everything is above board. I cannot start the family that my partner and I want which is devastating for me. Every aspect of my life is being affected and slowly deteriorating and I can't seem to get any medical professional to care or help. The NHS is failing me!