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Thepirate said on 02 February 2011

Reference to the comment by LeeHardy. I can understand fully how frustrated you must feel re thr time taken for a scan. I had a TIA and was taken to haspital on a Friday morning, no rush, no blue lights etc. I Was pparalysed on left side. After waiting about 4 hours to see a doctor, i was shifted to another ward, where i quickly improved. The same doc came to see me early evening and told me i would be checked in the morning and if I was ok, would be SENT HOME, to return Monday for a scan. Medical Emergency??, not on your life! I Was fine in the morning, foe a while, then had a larger "event". Had scan about 40 hrs too late, and no treatment for another18, as no-one could read the scans. Typical weekend / post code syndrome. Hope your gran ok now.