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Loopy87 said on 20 January 2011

Iv been ill with this flu like illness for a month ...I had my Appendix taken out on the 9th of december 2010 By the 19th of decemeber i started to feel the first effects of the flu, i was rushed into hospital on the 23rd of december twice unable to breath was told it was a panic attack due to stress of being off work and ill ! On christmas morning (25 december) i woke up and was vomiting everywhere. Was taken to a urgent care clinic where my temperture was up at 39.5 They wanted to admit me but claimed i didnt have a underlying condition ( i think having a operation just over 2 weeks before was a underlying condition but hay ho ) was told to come back later if i continued to get worse. But i some how managed to get through the next 2 days on the 27th jan i was back in hospital again my body struggling to deal with the strain of the flu was just told to get cold and flu remidies ( im allergic to paracetamol so cold and flu remidies are no good to me ) so again i had to struggle on my own again the 31 i was starting to feel better , Iv gone back to work at the begining of jan , iv only been feeling 100% a week and it seems iv been struck down again but ten times worse its dragging me into a deep depression as i cant accept that its just bad luck i feel honestly its something more but what can i do if my doctors dismiss it? i live in leicester and there has been a number of reported and confirmed cases some have even died from it so of course im worried as my immune system is not coping with it properly ... i work in the city center and more likely to catch it as there are thousands of customers that pass through my work place on a daily basis im reallly at my wits end :-( dont actually know what to do anymore.