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xxLisa1405xx said on 11 January 2011

I was really really ill about a week ago now, i started feeling real crappy with headaches, chills blowing hot and cold, runny nose and ached all over and had no energy. I was in bed for 2 days solid, i couldnt move but by the thrid day (this was the day i was due ot go back to work!) i felt much better. I did have waves if sickness for the next couple of days but im ok now.... makes you think whats going around at the moment, this obviously was a 48 hour bug and i thought i was dying so i vcant imagine how you guys have been feeling. Its veryt scary to think that this is going around and anyone can catch it. Im so scared as i have a little 3 year old boy and just so scared he will catch something. The doctors are not giving the flu jab to under 5's at our doctors and just want him to be protected but i cant :o(