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sheel said on 22 December 2010

I find the one of the statements here, "Stop reading the Daily mail, its making you anxious", a little insulting! There are many many more reports about the swine flue vacine and this years combined flue jab, other than the Daily Mail! A lot of these reports are by Proffesionals! Loook at the uptake of this years flue jab with healthcare proffesionals, many of these peopple are not having the flue jab this year either. It is everyones choice and i am getting even more concerned at the way in which we are being "Made to feel more scared, by the way in which publicity is being used to scare everyone into having thhis combined flue jab"! Why did they combine this years with the H1N1, they could of continued to offer it as a seperate jab, where a choice was available. If everyone is so sure within the industry which makes these cocktails, "then why are we not able to make them give us a guarantee that they are safe and give us the right to Sue them if there are problems"? If i should do anything to another person that would cause that person any harm, they would have the right to prosecute me and ask for damages!