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devoted husband said on 19 December 2010

I ended up leaving care work, got OCD with stuff around food hygiene... If we kill off the good bacteria as well, where is that gonna leave us? I have a bag of frozen chicken portions in the freezer. Can I return the opened, half-empty bag to the freezer? I guess not, as bacteria from the bag will get on other things... So I'll cook it all to be on the safe time... I'm sorry... But we have to allow ourselves to come into contact with bacteria, so we can build up an immunity... Otherwise, tha bacteria will become superbugs, and kill us all anyway... The paranoia is everywhere now... Killing 99.9% of germs, is good and bad germs... we need them both! Good germs to protect us, and bad, for the good to strengthen themselves on... When are we gonna stop washing our hands til they bleed? It is said that the onset of allergies is largely due to the amount of ant-bacterial stuff we use... This is a time bomb for our children and grandchildren... When do we stop? When do we stop?