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LeeHardy said on 03 December 2010

What this page could probably do with is a link to 'What to do if you have concerns regarding the treatment of a stroke victim'. I appreciate that this information may be located within these pages somewhere but I cannot find it easily. I need advice or the help of someone I can talk to, to understand why the treatment of my 93 year old grandmother is differing so drastically from the NICE guidelines for stroke treatment. She suffered a stroke on Weds 1st Dec 2010, between 17:30 and 18:15. She was admitted to Bournemouth hospital at 19:15. I have a number of concerns but the main one is that 32 hours after the event, she has still not had a brain scan. I am extremely worried that we may have missed the opportunity to consider any of the treatment options relayed within the NICE guidelines and hence may have missed the chance to reduce the effects of the stroke and/or its impacts. She continues to be 'observed'. The brain scan is now promised today; Friday 3rd. So back to my first comment. What I could really have done with is an understanding of to whom I should be talking to confirm that her treatment and the timescales of such have been appropriate. I will call her GP in the morning.