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unblinkered said on 02 November 2010

I fail to understand how people are so critical of homeopathy when they don't bother to research it for themselves. A recent poster said that no medical trials show any evidence of it being effective - but there are studies out there that do just that (see the 'research' section of the Faculty of Homeopathy, for example, the registration body for medical professionals who use homeopathy in practice). It is also effective enough for farmers to use for their cattle and for vets to 'cure' incurable diseases - some powerful placebo effect there then!! Who funds most drug research or university research into orthodox medical studies? The drug companies, of course! Therefore, who is going to fund studies into a form of medicine that won't bring in huge profits? I became disillusioned as an NHS hospital professional (radiographer) 30 years ago, when I realised that modern medicine usually fails to 'cure' disease. It just suppresses symptoms, or chops out or replaces parts that fail. I sought an alternative when I had children, tried many things and found homeopathy extremely effective. If modern medicine is so wonderful then why is chronic disease still increasing each year, why is iatrogenic disease still increasing (3rd most 'fatal' disease in the US!), why must the NHS spend billions on drugs (and this is increasing too) - when there may be other ways of dealing with illness? No homeopathic pharmacy is going to make a fortune like Big Pharma does....the remedies cost a matter of pence per patient, who often only needs one or two doses. Homeopaths cannot claim to 'cure' disease but often patients find that their symptoms disappear for good (and by patients, I include babies and animals who are unlikely to respond to the placebo effect.) Would people rather take drugs for life (with the side effects) or find another way of dealing with disease? I agree that more research needs to be done - but who is going to pay for this when the drug companies are in full control?