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  • Waiting Times: drug treatment

    Information on waiting times for drug treatment in England

  • Walking for Health

    Resources to help people get healthy through walking. Information on finding walks and walking...

  • Walsall Society for the Blind

    Information and support for people affected by sight loss in Walsall

  • Wasps and Sting Prevention

    Information about wasp sting prevention and the treatments available

  • WaterAid

    Charity helping the world’s poorest people gain access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene...

  • Weight / Easy health

    Includes a range of health leaflets and short films relating to various conditions

  • Weight Concern

    Information from psychologists, dieticians and exercise specialists about tackling obesity

  • Weight Wise

    Information on diet and exercise and support for people who want to lose weight

  • Weight Wise the Next Generation

    Hints and tips about food and eating – based on the latest evidence – for teenagers

  • Wellbeing of Women

    Funds medical research for reproductive and gynaecological health

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