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  • Rainbow Trust

    Care for children with a life threatening or terminal illness and their families

  • Ramblers

    Aims to promote walking, and improve walking conditions around the country

  • Rape Crisis

    Help and support for people who have been affected by rape

  • Refuge

    Advice on how to deal with domestic abuse, plus access to services and support

  • Rehab Online

    Residential rehabilitation services for adult drug and/or alcohol misusers

  • Relate

    Provides relationship counselling and sex therapy as well as other relationship support services

  • Release

    Provides advice to drug users, their families, friends and professionals

  • Remember A Charity

    Works to encourage people to leave a charitable gift in their Will

  • Research Autism

    Charity whose goal, through education and research, is to improve the quality of life of those with...

  • Re-Solv

    Information about solvent abuse. Provides fact sheets and other publications and services

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