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  • Help from Home

    Enables people to volunteer from the comfort of their own home

  • HemiHelp

    Information and support to families affected by childhood acquired hemiplegia

  • Henry

    Charity that is passionate about babies and young children having a healthy start in life

  • Hereditary Breast Cancer Helpline

    Information and support for those worried about hereditary breast cancer

  • Hernia / Easy health

    Includes a range of health leaflets and short films relating to various conditions

  • Herpes Viruses Association

    Organisation improving life for people with herpes simplex by helping to understand the condition

  • Hibbs Lupus Trust

    Advice and support for people affected by lupus

  • Hirschsprung's & Motility Disorders Support Network

    Support network for parents of children who have Hirschsprung's disease

  • HIV Wakeup

    Information for men about HIV services in Scotland

  • Home Hygiene and Health

    Promotes health and wellbeing through improved hygiene. Includes a range of factsheets

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