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  • H.U.S.H

    Support group for people affected by E.coli

  • HAE UK

    Information and support for people who are affected by hereditary angioedema

  • HAEi

    Promotes the availability of effective HAE diagnosis and management throughout the world

  • Haemophilia Care

    Information about the condition and the treatments available

  • Hard To Find Medicines

    Obtain difficult to source medicines, providing free service to whole of UK for NHS patients

  • Harmless

    Support and advice for those who self harm, and their families and friends

  • Have I Got A Problem

    Free online resource about mental health or addiction issues

  • HDBuzz

    Information about Huntington’s disease

  • Headway

    Aims to understand all aspects of head injury

  • Healios

    Offers support to people affected by a mental illness, their families and carers

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