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  • CLIC

    Children's cancer charity offering advice, support and hands-on care for children

  • Climb

    Organisation for children, young adults, families and carers affected by metabolic diseases

  • Clinic for Dissociative Studies

    A national centre of specialist expertise for people affected by dissociative disorders

  • CMV Action UK

    Information and support for people affected by congenital cytomegalovirus

  • CO Awareness

    Supports victims of Carbon Monoxide and Toxic Combustion poisoning, their families and friends

  • Cocaine Anonymous UK

    Help and support for people with a cocaine addiction.  Includes personal stories

  • Cochrane UK

    Supports the production and use of independent, high quality healthcare evidence

  • Coeliac UK

    Advice and information for coeliacs and people with dermatitis herpetiformis

  • Colchester Community Voluntary Services

    Support for voluntary and community groups in Colchester

  • Colds and Flu / Easy health

    Includes a range of health leaflets and short films relating to various conditions

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