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  • BBC / Human Body & Mind

    A series of articles and activities that form a comprehensive guide to improving sleep

  • Beat

    Help and support for people affected by eating disorders

  • Beating Bowel Cancer

    Charity for bowel cancer patients working to raise awareness and promote early diagnosis

  • Beaumont

    Information and support for transgender people

  • BeBold

    Community support for anyone who is affected by alopecia

  • Behcet’s Syndrome Society

    Charity specialising in Behcet's disease.  Promotes research into the condition

  • Behind the Gray

    Support community for those affected by a subarachnoid haemorrhage or stroke

  • Bexley Voluntary Service Council

    Support for voluntary and community groups in Bexley

  • BHF National Centre

    Aims to promote and stimulate more people to be physically active

  • Big White Wall

    Peer support network for people who are affected by mental health

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