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  • Alopecia Awareness

    A UK charity offering support for people with alopecia

  • Alopecia UK

    Information and support for those who have alopecia. Also provides a discussion forum

  • Alpha-1 UK Support Group

    Information and support for people with Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency, their families and carers

  • Alternatives to Violence Project

    Workshops for people who want to handle conflict well. Offers a free service to NHS referrals


    Information about altitude sickness

  • Alzheimer’s Society

    Provides information to people with dementia, their families, carers and professionals

  • Alzheimer's Research UK

    Aims to find ways to treat, cure or prevent Alzheimer's disease and related dementias

  • Amber Valley Council for Voluntary Service

    Support for voluntary and community groups in Amber Valley

  • Ambitious about Austism

    A safe supportive community for people who are affected by autism

  • Anaphylaxis Campaign

    Campaign to help people with life-threatening allergies

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