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  • Aebal Leisure

    Support to enable vulnerable adults to get more active out in the community

  • ASO

    Promotes awareness of obesity among health professionals

  • BHF National Centre

    Aims to promote and stimulate more people to be physically active

  • British Dietetic Association

    Professional body for registered dieticians. With information about recent food research

  • British Heart Foundation

    A charity funding research into heart disease and support services for patients

  • British Nutrition Foundation

    Information on nutrition based on scientific research

  • CASH

    Campaign to inform the government, food industry and public about salt and its effects on health

  • Children's Food Trust

    Promotes the education and health of young people and improves the quality of school food

  • English Federation of Disability Sport

    Aims to increase opportunities at all levels of participation for people with a disability

  • Exercise / Easy health

    Includes a range of health leaflets and short films relating to various conditions

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