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  • MACS

    Charity for children born without eyes or with underdeveloped eyes

  • Malnutrition Pathway

    A guide for General Practitioners and healthcare professionals to identify individuals at risk of...

  • Map of Medicine

    A clinical management tool designed to help healthcare professionals find clinical information

  • Marfan Association UK

    Facts about Marfan Syndrome and the support available

  • Mayo Clinic

    A not-for-profit US-based medical practice that specialises in diagnosis and treatment

  • MDS UK Patient Support Group

    A support group for people who are affected by the condition. With information about campaigns and...

  • ME Association

    Provides support for people affected by myalgic encephalopathy/chronic fatigue syndrome

  • ME Research UK

    Aims to raise awareness of the need for biomedical research

  • Medicines for Children

    Practical advice about giving medicine to your child

  • Meningitis Now

    Charity that funds research to find a vaccine to eradicate all forms of meningitis

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