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Work towards 'universal flu vaccine'

Monday Aug 1 2011

The Daily Telegraph has reported that scientists are a “step closer” to a universal flu vaccine following the discovery of a “super antibody” in a patient’s blood. The news is based on a laboratory study...

More work towards universal flu vaccine

Monday Jul 11 2011

“Scientists have hailed a breakthrough in the search for a universal flu vaccine,” The Daily Telegraph has reported. The newspaper says that such a vaccine would save lives and money by eliminating the need for the annual jab...

Scientists warn about future flu strains

Thursday Mar 10 2011

Governments should start vaccinations against a lethal strain of the influenza virus circulating in birds and pigs, The Independent has reported. The news is based on an article written by US vaccine researchers...

Immune response to swine flu 'extraordinary'

Tuesday Jan 11 2011

“Swine flu could lead to a universal vaccine,” reported The Independent. It said that a study has found that people infected with H1N1 swine flu “have an extraordinary immune response, producing antibodies that...

Swine flu latest from the NHS

Monday Jan 10 2011

Swine flu is no longer classified as a pandemic but the H1N1 swine flu virus continues to circulate as part of seasonal flu. This news page is not being regularly updated at present as flu cases are within normal seasonal...

Swine flu jab to be used

Friday Jan 7 2011

Many newspapers have reported that due to a shortage of flu vaccine, the government is breaking out stocks of ‘old vaccine’ from last year.

'Get flu jab now,' GPs urge those at risk

Tuesday Dec 21 2010

The flu vaccine has featured heavily in recent news, with reports that people are avoiding having the vaccine as they are concerned about its swine flu component. The British Medical Association (BMA) has written to the government, warning...

Vulnerable urged to have swine flu vaccine

Monday Dec 13 2010

Swine flu has claimed the lives of 10 British adults in recent weeks, newspapers report. The Independent and the Daily Mail say there are signs that the virus ‘is back’, raising fears of ‘a new epidemic’.

New clue to fighting viruses

Tuesday Nov 2 2010

A cure for the common cold may be on the way after “a remarkable discovery in a Cambridge laboratory”, The Independent has reported. The newspaper said that new research has identified a previously unkown...

Child swine flu deaths analysed

Wednesday Oct 27 2010

“The flu pandemic in England killed 70 children in 2009,” The Guardian has reported. The newspaper says that “most of those who died had pre-existing health problems but one in five were healthy...

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