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Regularly skipping breakfast linked to hardening of the arteries

Tuesday Oct 3 2017

"Skipping breakfast may be linked to poor heart health." The Guardian reports. Researchers from Spain found that people who regularly skipped breakfast were more likely to have atherosclerosis...

People with type 2 diabetes should 'save carbs for last'

Monday Oct 2 2017

"Diabetics should save bread for last at mealtime to keep their blood sugar under control," the Mail Online reports.

Bedbugs thought to 'hitchhike' on dirty holiday laundry

Friday Sep 29 2017

"Dirty laundry a powerful magnet for bedbugs, study finds," is The Guardian's headline, with The Times and The Daily Telegraph also covering this creepy-crawly story...

Has measles really been 'eliminated' in the UK?

Thursday Sep 28 2017

'Measles eliminated in the UK for the first time' reports The Daily Telegraph...

Rates of newly diagnosed HIV increasing in over-50s

Wednesday Sep 27 2017

"HIV rises among over-50s as they neglect safe sex" is the headline from The Times. The news is based on a European study that found more over-50s are being diagnosed with HIV compared with 12 years ago…

High-precision radiotherapy for prostate cancer 'shows promise'

Tuesday Sep 26 2017

"Targeted radiotherapy 'cures' prostate cancer that kills thousands," reports The Times. The news is based on a UK study of the use of high-precision radiotherapy to treat men with advanced localised prostate cancer…

Sexual harassment in the workplace linked to depression

Monday Sep 25 2017

News that sexual harassment in the workplace can cause depression and work absence has hit the headlines after the results of a Danish study were published...

Any type of physical exercise is good for the heart

Friday Sep 22 2017

"Vacuuming and scrubbing the floor are enough exercise to protect the heart and extend life," reports The Telegraph, with other media sources reporting a similar finding – that physical activity in our everyday lives is just as good as going to the gym...

Lightning Process 'could help children with chronic fatigue syndrome', study claims

Thursday Sep 21 2017

"Controversial Lightning Process 'helps children with chronic fatigue syndrome'," reports The Guardian. A UK study investigated whether a treatment called the Lightning Process helped teenagers being treated for chronic fatigue syndrome…

Many teenagers reporting symptoms of depression

Wednesday Sep 20 2017

"One in four British girls hit by depression at 14 as experts blame increase in cyber bullying and academic pressure," says the Sun after a large study found 24% of 14 year-old girls in the UK report symptoms of depression…

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