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Find out how the NHS is organised and who governs and regulates the system. You can also find information about the NHS number, patient records or the history of the NHS.

NHS explained

Read about the NHS as an organisation, learn about its values and find how you can get involved on a local basis.

Your records

Find out what your personal information is used for and how it is stored

Digital inclusion

Digital inclusion is a term used for initiatives that help people gain access to online services, support them in using these services, and provide training in digital literacy skills.

NHS history

The NHS was founded in 1948. Find out what has changed since Aneurin Bevan's first vision of a national health service.

Patient safety in the NHS

Find out what you should expect from the NHS and what is done to improve patient safety.

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NHS complaints

If you're not happy with the care or treatment you've received, you have the right to complain. Find out how