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The Keogh Urgent and Emergency Care Review

The UEC Development Group

The former UEC Delivery Group was renamed the UEC Development Group to reflect its new position as a national stakeholder group. Its aim is to develop enablers to deliver recommendations made by the Urgent and Emergency Care review across England.

The Development Group is the review's vehicle for engaging services, organisations, professionals and patient representatives in the practical design of a new urgent and emergency care system. Its purpose as part of the review is to: 

  • review and comment upon the viability of the proposed clinical system, the components for service delivery and the ways of working, including tools and guidance; this is to ensure they are grounded in reality and deliver the required system-wide outcomes
  • contribute to the detailed design of the new system, and the tools and guidance necessary to support clinical commissioning groups (CCGs)
  • lead on detailed design or production through Task Groups; part of this process is to engage with other experts or representatives where necessary and report back to the UEC Development Group to achieve consistency
  • identify the interdependencies within the system, and the tools and guidance to ensure a whole-system approach to design
  • act as a representative of services, professions and patients, supporting wider engagement and communication, and acting as a champion for the new clinical system and ways of working
  • ensure issues and risks related to design or implementation are appropriately managed

Members of the Development Group include:

The Development Group will continue to seek advice and expertise from wider bodies and organisations from across health and social care sectors as this review progresses.

Page last reviewed: 22/04/2016

Next review due: 31/07/2018