Women's health 60-plus

Exercise as you get older

How exercise can help older adults stay healthy, energetic, and independent well into old age.

Top diets review

Find a weight loss plan to suit you with our review of the most popular diets.

'I started bleeding after the menopause'

Gabrielle describes how early diagnosis and treatment of womb (endometrial) cancer saved her life.

The top five causes of premature death

Reduce your risk of early death from one of the five big killers: cancer; heart disease; stroke; lung or liver disease.

Physical activity guidelines for older adults

Guidelines for older adults aged 65 and over, for general health and fitness.

Lower your cholesterol

Foods you can eat and those you should avoid to help lower your cholesterol.

Eye health tips for older people

How to keep your eyes healthy after the age of 60 with NHS eye tests, prescription lenses and lifestyle changes.

Keep your bones strong over 65

It's never too late to look after your bone health – just follow these practical tips.

Breast changes in older women

How your breasts change after the menopause, including abnormal breast lumps, sagging and shrinkage.

Foods to avoid if you're over 65

Find out why over-65s are at higher risk of food poisoning and what foods are risky.

Loneliness in older people

How to combat loneliness in later life, including making the effort to stay in touch using computers, social clubs and volunteering.

Hearing aids

Many people with hearing loss would benefit from wearing a hearing aid. Find out about the main types available and how to get them.

'I exercise to stay mobile and supple'

Maggie Nicholls, 62, says for her, exercising is about much more than being physically fit.

Which painkiller?

The benefits and side effects of painkillers, and how to choose the best painkiller to fight your type of pain.

'I had breast cancer and then cervical cancer'

Juanita explains the impact of cancer on her life, and how her charity work brings her happiness.

Keeping your weight up in later life

You may lose weight as you grow older through illness or loss of appetite. Find out how to boost your calorie intake.

Life after cancer treatment

Get advice on adjusting to life after cancer, including how to cope with fatigue, changes to your body and difficult emotions.

'How I beat osteoporosis'

Read how Judi Paxton beat osteoporosis by making some simple changes to her lifestyle.

Are you at risk of falling?

Take this simple test to work out if you need to discuss your risk of falls with your GP.

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Call your GP today

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