Men's health 18-39

Five health symptoms men should not ignore

Five health symptoms men shouldn't ignore

We highlight five important men's health issues and list the symptoms you should never ignore.

Physical activity guidelines for adults

Guidelines for adults aged 19-64, for general health and fitness.

Drinking and alcohol

Practical tips to help you cut down, how alcohol affects your health, and understanding units.

Britain: 'the fat man of Europe'

The story of Britain's obesity crisis, including latest statistics, causes and health risks.

Male sexual problems

Summary of male sexual problems, such as not being able to get or keep an erection, and premature ejaculation. Links to in-depth information.

Top diets review for 2017

Find a weight loss plan to suit you with our review of the most popular diets.

Penis size

Many men worry that their penis isn't big enough, but research shows they shouldn't be concerned.

Fitness Studio

Video workouts to help you exercise from the comfort of your home.

Get running with Couch to 5K

Our C25K plan is designed to get just about anyone off the couch and running 5km in 9 weeks.

Healthier takeaways

You don't have to give up takeaways completely, as long as you make the right menu choices.

British military fitness

Gareth Fletcher decided to leave the gym behind and try a new way to stay fit, with British Military Fitness.

Drugs and drug abuse

Find out about substance misuse and drug abuse, including where to get help, the effects of drugs, and real-life stories of addiction and recovery.

Five-minute wake-up workout

Start your day with this five-minute workout to wake up your body and your mind.

Robert Langston then and now

Weight loss: 'I knew I had to change'

Robert Langston was overweight, asthmatic and diabetic. Find out how he turned his life around.

Services near you

Find addresses, phone numbers and websites for services near you

Condom, no condom?

Link to YouTube website

You decide what happens in this interactive video about sexual health.