MenC vaccine - discontinued July 1 2016

From July 1 2016, the MenC vaccine for 12-week-old babies was discontinued from the NHS childhood vaccination programme.

The success of the MenC vaccination programme means there are almost no cases of MenC disease in babies or young children in the UK any longer.

The dose of MenC vaccine that used to be offered to babies at 12 weeks of age has therefore been removed from the vaccination schedule.

All children will continue to be offered the Hib/MenC vaccine at one year of age, and the MenACWY vaccine at 14 years of age to provide protection across all age groups.

This PHE leaflet has more information about the changes to the MenC vaccination programme (PDF, 280kb).

Page last reviewed: 27/06/2016

Next review due: 27/06/2019


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