FearFighter is a cognitive behavioural therapy-based online self-help course for treating panic and phobia. It teaches ways to tackle panicky or anxious thoughts and to stop avoiding the things that cause them.

FearFighter consists of nine computer-based sessions lasting about an hour each. The sessions are interactive, with videos, exercises and downloadable content, and ideally they should be done at weekly intervals. You will also need to do about four to five hours of homework each week.

The course helps you set treatment goals and explains how anxiety affects the mind and body. It helps you gradually face the things you fear and avoid.

You'll be encouraged to fill in questionnaires each week so you can plot your progress.

Who is it suitable for?

FearFighter is suitable for anyone aged 16 or over who struggles with phobias or feelings of panic or anxiety.

How do I access it?

If FearFighter is available on the NHS in your area, your GP will refer you to your local FearFighter service provider. You will be put in touch with a support worker, who will issue you with a username and password.

You can then access FearFighter from any computer, tablet or phone with internet access. Your support worker will offer you support by phone throughout the course.

If you are buying the course privately, you can set up a username and password once you have paid for the course.

Will I have to pay?

FearFighter is available on the NHS in some areas. You will need a referral from your GP or another health professional. You can also pay to do the course privately.

There are two versions of FearFighter available privately. The Silver version costs £129 and you work through the course in your own time on your own. The Gold version costs £229 and includes support from a healthcare professional throughout the course.

To find out if FearFighter is available on the NHS in your area or enquire about paying to do the course privately, phone 0121 288 1904, email custserv@ccbtmail.com or visit the FearFighter website.

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