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The secretary of state for health announced an independent review into NHS dentistry on December 12 2008. This review is independent from the Department of Health and is being led by Professor Jimmy Steele of the University of Newcastle who, along with his team, will report directly to the secretary of state in spring 2009.

Background to the review

The key aims of the review are to:

  • identify ways the government and local NHS can work with dentists and other providers to increase access to dental services and improve the quality of services, 
  • suggest how the government can build on its work to reduce inequalities in oral health and ensure that dentists and other dental professionals can provide appropriate levels of preventive work,
  • recommend how funding for dentistry should be allocated to primary care trusts to support these aims and meet the needs of local populations,
  • identify how, over the next five years, developments in workforce planning, training and regulation can best support the provision of high-quality NHS dental services and enhance the working lives of dental professionals, and 
  • recommend how the government can best address the issues raised in the Health Select Committee's 2008 report, for example, looking at trends in complex treatment and the suggestion that "more treatment bands are introduced".

The review team

The independent review team is being led by Professor Jimmy Steele, chair in oral health services research at the School of Dental Sciences in Newcastle and a consultant in restorative dentistry at Newcastle Dental Hospital.

He worked on the 1998 Adult and 2003 Child Dental Health Surveys and on the national Diet and Nutrition Survey  in the UK. He has specific expertise in the evolving trends in oral and dental health and how these affect service needs, including extensive work with primary care.

The team also  includes:

Eric Rooney, consultant in dental public health, Cumbria PCT

Janet Clarke, clinical director of salaried dental services, Heart of Birmingham Teaching PCT

Tom Wilson, director  of contracts, Milton Keynes PCT

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Have your say

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Alternatively, you can send your thoughts in the post.

Prof Jimmy Steele
(Dentistry Review),
Chair in
Oral Health Research
School of
Dental Sciences,
Newcastle University,
Framlington Place,
Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 4BW

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