Change4Life and Disney have teamed up again to take your kids on a 10 Minute Shake Up summer adventure, inspired by Disney Pixar’s Finding Dory.

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Just keep swimming

Dive into a summer of activity inspired by Disney Pixars Finding Dory and in partnership with the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) at a participating pool near you.

What's more, there's a chance to win £250 worth of Fin-tastic Finding Dory prizes each week!

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Every 10 Minutes counts!

Kids need at least 60 minutes of activity every day. Any 10-minute burst of activity counts, whether it's a run in the park, a kickabout with the football, or a 10 Minute Shake Up in the living room – it all adds up! 


…Shake Ups were played across the country last week. Nice work! Can we beat that this week?

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We've teamed up with UK Active to help you find lots of things to do to keep you moving all summer long.

Shake Up with some of your Disney favourites