Who will be with me during a caesarean birth? 

Midwife Jenny Haddon explains which clinicians are involved in a caesarean section and what they do.

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Transcript of Who will be with me during a caesarean birth?

Who will be with me during the caesarean birth?


Jenny: A caesarean is a major operation but it’s common. And there’ll be plenty of people present with you to help make you feel safe and relaxed and they’ll talk you through the whole procedure so that you understand what’s happening.


[Sounds of practitioners talking to mum and giving reassurance]


There may be a few more people than you expected present with you in the theatre. There’ll be a midwife; the doctor to perform the surgery that’s usually a consultant obstetrician or a registrar and then another doctor to assist. There’d be an anaesthetist to administer the drugs and pain relief to make sure you’re numb throughout the operation. There’ll be an anaesthetist’s assistant. There’ll be a scrub nurse who hands the instruments to the surgeon. And there’ll be a theatre nurse. All of those people are present just to help the mum.


[Baby is pulled out with natural sound]


There’ll be a midwife to look after you baby once it’s born and maybe also a paediatrician especially if the caesarean is unplanned or they expect that there might be any problems with the baby.


[Sounds of practitioners talking to mum and giving reassurance]


A caesarean can be a scary experience especially if it is an emergency and you may not know any of the professionals who are with you so having your partner there will be reassuring and they’re normally there throughout everything that happens to you and there to welcome your baby into the world together.”


If you require a general aesthetic, which means being put to sleep to have the caesarean, it might be that your partner can’t be present. You need to check with your hospital policies.


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