When will my baby walk? 

Health visitor Odilia Gamor discusses how soon your baby should start to walk and how to supervise your baby when they do so.

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Transcript of When will my baby walk?

When will my baby walk?   Odilia: Most babies will start walking between the ages of 11 to 18 months. Every baby starts walking at different times, depending on their age of development and their muscular capacity and development. Let the baby walk with their bare feet, because it gives them the chance to grip their feet on the ground.   You can buy push-along toys for your baby, but it's much more beneficial for you to move with your baby and encourage your baby to walk to you at a distance. When babies start walking, they move very quickly, and because they move very quickly, you need to be very, very careful about where they move to and how they move.   You don't need to worry that the babies are going to fall, but you need to protect them not to harm themselves. Supervise them when they are going up the stairs and encourage your baby to walk with you in the park, because this gives you the opportunity to have a bit of exercise for yourself and the baby also gets some exercise. It's a good thing for the whole family.    


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