When should my child start wearing shoes? (from 12 months) 

Health visitor Rachel Shorney discusses at what age your child should start wearing shoes.

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Transcript of When should my child start wearing shoes? (from 12 months)

When should my child start wearing shoes?   Rachel: “Children don't really need to have proper shoes until they're walking. The most important thing is that they fit well and they're supportive, because children under five, their feet are still growing. Their bones are soft and you want to encourage their feet to grow normally and so that they are not restricted in shoes that are too small or too tight.   When your child is being measured for shoes, you should ensure that there's at least a 1cm gap between the end of their toes and the end of the shoes. You need to think about the types of shoes and the types of fastening for shoes for children under five.   Good fasteners are Velcro or buckles - things that will ensure that the shoes are on securely and won't slip off. You should try and buy shoes that are made of natural materials, such as leather and canvas, so that the feet are able to breathe, the air is circulating and you reduce the risk of children getting things such as fungal infections. Ideally, children should wear socks that are made from cotton because this also helps the feet to breathe.”    


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